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Our History Branded in Gold!
I am excited & proud to announce our limited edition, Commemorative Gold Card! I have authorized Karatbars International, a Gold company, who offers a Free Gold Savings account, to exclusively issue our card. If you do not already have an account, click here:

Choose the “Affiliate” box, so that I may provide you with a 3% discount card, which is good on this and future purchases for 1 calendar year. There is no such discount available for the “Customer” box. There are no obligations, expectations or fees associated with having an affiliate account.

I received my card, including FedEx delivery, cost me $112.70. Your card will be a few pennies more or less, depending on the cost of Gold that day.

If you have any problems, call me, I’ll be glad to walk you through it.


Rico Casanova, Founding Director
Phone/Text 510 839-3000

IMPORTANT REMINDER– Before Karatbars will ship gold to anyone, they must complete the KYC* (Know Your Customer) page. See below.

Bonuses are offered to either DJs or Entertainment Industry personel.

DJs, receive our 1st & 2nd quarter MUSIC BUNDLE consisting of Wave Files, MP3s & Cover Art.

(1) THE PROS’ Members or Alumni (your name must be listed at ) or if you can show your plastic membership card from either THE PROS or DJ*USA, with your name embossed on it. Or
(2) Become a new member.
If you feel you qualify, call the office for confirmation & to arrange your bundle shipment.

For the rest of The Industry, we offer (3) AD SPACE that’s associated with the greater art industry.
Get *complimentary ad space for 1 month placed on 3 of our entertainment websites:

You may choose one of two ad sizes: Long,
728×90 pixels or Square, 215×215 pixels, in 300 DPI.
Send your artwork to Also don’t forget to include your preferred “referral link” , so we can add it to your artwork.
*If we must alter to fit to size, add $20.
*For our art department to create an ad for you add $50.
And last but not least, a free $200 Hotel VIP Club Card or
for $10, the new $2000 VIP Club Card

As the name implies, this card applies exclusive savings online, towards hotel bookings, worldwide!


If you would like to learn how to produce a card like our Gold Commemorative Card but with your company’s brand, contact me & I’ll show you how.

*KYC (Know Your Customer)
This is a 3 minute process. Log into your personal Karatbars account Click on Step 2 & follow the instructions of uploading 2 documents, a DL or Passport + a current bill with the non P.O. Box address, that you registered your Karatbars account with.