The Team

THE FAMILY – in chronological order

Rico Casanova, Founding Executive & Pool Director
John Green, Comrade, Confidant & Host
Monique Broussard, Assistant
Gerald Grant, Assistant
Kathy Elliott, Assistant
Timothy Alexander White, MC
Greg Smith, Iceman Star Sound & event DJ
D’Jam Hassan, Bump ‘N Sound/Lights & our DJ Booth
Pete Suguitan & Ladda Sounds DJs, our 150 slot record bin
Michael Erickson, Fantasy Prod. Sound/Lights, Radio Rep & MC
Tim Reynolds, Office Manager
Malikah Lang, Executive Assistant
Markus Anthony Alexander Wiggins, Videographer
Danny Dohrmann, Public Relations
Kymberlee Thornton, Intern
Sylvester Heron, Pool Director
Dawn Troupe, Pool Director
Davey D, Pool Director
Carlos Nedd, Tech Advisor
Chrysta Monique, Public Relations
Lawrance Johnson, Assistant

(There are many more, however this list represents those that lent their expertise & support on numerous occasion)

Brian Boulden, The Creative Pencil
Emani, Roots Magazine
George Livingston Jr, Livingston Photography
Joseph Hardy, Joseph’s Photography
Mrs. Barbara Taylor
Brenda Vaughn
Sababu / Norma Burgos, Institute for Latin & Salsa Development

Fabulous Catering

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  1. Dave Robertson DJ Ball-D says:

    One of the Pro’s Member back in 1984. Back then, I was known as Dj Davey-D

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